Kinsey scale incidentally homosexual

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Kinsey scale incidentally homosexual

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Kinsey, after painstakingly interviewing over 12,000 men, devised a seven-point scale to reflect the spectrum of sexual experience:. 1- Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual. 6- Exclusively homosexual log/quotes/page/2/ FAQ section C

rate people on a variety of levels, such as "Past History," "Present History," "Present Feelings," and "Future Inclinations". Nevertheless the Kinsey scale remains a useful tool for discussion of sexuality precisely because it is so simple.

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Dr. Alfred bKinsey developed a bscale that ranks sexual desires from 0-6, describing those desires that are neither exclusively hetero- or bhomosexual as "ambisexual" or bisexual. bKinsey proposed that most people are neither exclusivelynbsp;bhellip;

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The Kinsey Scale, developed by Alfred Kinsey, is a method of measuring sexual orientation. The idea is that rather than sexuality being black and white, it is a continuous spectrum. The scale is as follows:. Exclusively homosexual X

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a first publication. In it, Kinsey presented a thirty-point rating scale showing thirty cases from his collection that demonstrated thirty different shadings and combinations between exlusively heterosexual and exclusively homosexual behavior.

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In the mid-1940s, Alfred Kinsey devised the Kinsey scale in an attempt to measure sexual orientation and activity. The 7-point scale has a rating of 0 (“exclusively heterosexual”) to 6 (“exclusively homosexual

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Me: “Yea, I took the Kinsey scale test…” Me: “Predominantly homosexual , incidentally heterosexual.”

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The Kinsey Scale Two famous studies of demographics of incidentally homosexual 3 Equal heterosexual and homosexual 1954—John Tukey, Frederick Mosteller, William G. Cochran—stated that Kinsey based results on

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1- Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual. On the Kinsey scale, six out of the possible seven scores could be interpreted as indicating some level of homosexual attraction.


With this in mind, one of his more memorable constructs was the “7-Point Kinsey Scale of Sexuality,” which helped people figure out exactly how gay they were.. 2 Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual